What People Are Saying About the Art of Dr. Seuss

"Dr. Seuss was there for me when I was a young kid looking to fall in love with drawing and adventures involving mysterious green pants. He was there for me when I was a young animation student looking for inspiration for my retro short films about characters who can’t talk. Again, Dr. Seuss was there for me when I was a young book-maker learning how to construct Early Readers about an Elephant and a Piggie. Best of all, he was there for me when I was a young dad looking for story time giggles from the little girl on my lap."

Mo Willems (Writer, Animator and three time Caldecott Honor award winner)

"I am delighted to join the San Diego Festival of Arts in honoring you as a 'living American treasure.'"

President Ronald Reagan, in a letter dated April 25, 1986

“Certainly one of the most significant and formative influences on my paintings came from Dr. Seuss. Along with Lewis Carroll and Walt Disney, Seuss planted the seeds of fantasy and imagination for countless generations of young people. His knack for surrealistic mayhem and his deep understanding of human nature have revealed universal truths that have withstood the test of time. Looking through this book [Art of Dr. Seuss] peels away layers of societal logic and order while underscoring the struggle of the individual spirit. It is a multicolor universe of imagination and wonderment. The human mind is a fertile playground and Dr. Seuss serves up a juicy buffet of nutrition for the soul.”
Artist/Professor Ed Paschke (1939-2004), Northwestern University

"I'd like to express my heartfelt appreciation to The Chase Group for producing such exquisite reproductions and wisely limiting the edition sizes. Even more importantly, I'd want to thank TCG for bringing important but forgotten works of art to the attention of Dr. Seuss fans by making pieces in private collections accessible to the public.  Without their admirable efforts, the majority of the world would be completely unaware of this entire aspect of the Dr. Seuss legacy."  

Charles D. Cohen, the world's foremost Seuss scholar and collector and the author of The Seuss, the Whole Seuss and Nothing but the Seuss

“Over the last decade, the art community from around the globe has been able to enjoy and revel in the Art of Dr. Seuss. These collections represent the very best of what he produced in 44 children’s books, cartoons and other works over his lifetime. It is truly remarkable that we—from art enthusiasts to parents to children—are able to share in his works for many years to come.”

Sarah Seamark, Editor, Art World News

“The Art of Dr. Seuss represents the vision and unique mind of a very special human being. We can see his original works through the sculptures, lithographs and serigraphs now represented at prominent art galleries throughout the world – often times along side Rembrandt, Picasso, Warhol and other prominent masters. We are very fortunate to have this opportunity for years to come.”

Julie Macdonald, Former Editor-in-Chief, Art Business News

“Seuss devotees…may be interested to see that Geisel not only experimented with mediums other than pen and ink (such as watercolor and oils) but also tried on different styles as well, dabbling in Dali-esque surrealism, Abstract Expressionism and Impressionism…But regardless of how much he borrowed from the trends of the day…a Seussian sensibility is always evident”

Los Angeles Times, March 3, 2005

“Geisel was a talented artist, although he did all he could to undermine his reputation.  He famously remarked that “I try to draw a kangaroo and it comes out a Grinch.”  But he could paint and draw seriously and did…”

San Francisco Chronicle, March 3, 2004

“The strange birds with distended necks and the elephants with huge ears are as much a part of “The Tower of Babel”, a dark watercolor-and-ink drawing, as they are staples of his children’s illustrations. The cartoon landscapes with brilliant colors where Horton heard the Who and the Butter Battle loomed are the same landscapes of his more private imagination, seen in large paintings he made through the 1960s”

“The most striking thing in a room full of his work is color…He was working at a time when color in America was undergoing a strange transformation…Seuss’s drawings hold their own in that world of color.  As carefully notated drafts of his books demonstrate, he placed immense importance on getting every shade right in the final product.”

The Washington Post, December 2005

“Please thank Audrey Geisel from the bottom of our hearts for having shared these works with the planet. We really appreciate her generosity in doing so!  The sheer joy, whimsy and deep felt message of Seuss’s artworks, provide the positive and uplifting message the world needs.”

Nancy F., (Austin, Texas)




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